Monday, February 8, 2010

Find A Rafting Outfitter

Posted by: Colorado River Rafting

We're not taking about seeking out a fashionista to hook you up with some fine threads. By "outfitter," we mean a company that offers whitewater rafting expeditions.

Here's a tip: Almost any river rafting outfitter that has been in existence for over a year and has nice, little glossy brochures (or a nice, little website) is probably a safe bet. Unlike telemarketing and credit card scams - which can exist on a fly-by-night basis - producing a fly-by-night (or would that be float-by-night?) whitewater rafting scam is not nearly as easy or profitable.

Here are a few places to find a reputable outfitter:

  • Visit's paddling page, which has links to outfitters all over the country.

  • Check out RiverSearch's listings of whitewater rafting vacations. They have tons; most likely at least one in your area too.

  • Seek out local adventure organizations, or, more specifically, whitewater, canoe, raft or kayak clubs. You can always try the Yellow Pages under "rafts," "rafting," or "expeditions."

  • If you're in college, there are often school clubs and organizations that offer discount Colorado whitewater rafting trips. Check it out, sign up, make friends.

  • Check out sporting and adventure magazines such as Whitewater Paddling, Men's Journal, Outdoor and Paddler.

  • You can always do a simple Internet search on a search engine. For instance, Yahoo lists over 100 potential outfitters here.

  • Lastly, contact your local or state game and forestry commissions. They know a lot about rivers. They know a lot about squirrels too, but you probably don't care.

When shopping around for an outfitter, keep the following in mind:

River guides
Special needs

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