Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some of the Best Whitewater Rafting is in Colorado

With the demand for the sport of whitewater rafting growing, outfitters like raftecho are a couple of many that have spread onto many different rivers at varying lengths and degrees of difficulty. This diversity in outfitters trips' on natures' rivers has provided travelers with many options to suit their desired trip needs. One of the most popular destinations for a whitewater thrill in Colorado is The Arkansas River. With 110 miles of whitewater from Leadville to CaƱon City Echo Canyon River Expeditions run you from Buena Vista to Canon City...about 96 miles of the Arkansas. The Arkansas River offers many different trip variations to fit almost anyone's needs. Guests can choose from class II adventures to thrilling class IV multi-day trips for the more advanced paddlers, with many variations and options to choose from.

Whitewater Rafting in Colorado can be one of the most exciting vacation prospects of a lifetime! It is one of the greatest means of experiencing Colorado's backcountry, as almost anyone can participate in the sport, and most areas along Colorado's rivers are only accessible by rafting.

The sport of whitewater rafting has grown greatly over the years, growing in popularity as more travelers discover how much fun the sport of whitewater rafting is. Guests visiting Colorado for whitewater rafting typically expect an adventure element to their trip, along with the opportunity to experience Colorado's famed, pristine Rocky Mountain beauty. What better way than by raft and river?

Whitewater Rafting Colorado trips can be arranged for large groups to small groups of families and friends looking for some excitement. It is highly recommended that you call your prospective outfitter to discuss which trip is right for your group based on size of group, ability level of guests, and desired features of your trip. Any outfitter that provides online reservations should be looked into carefully. It is common for guests to choose trips that may not be conducive to the group make-up. Discussing your trip, and reservations with a qualified outfitter will help to ensure you are signing up for an appropriate trip. As with any sport there are inherent risks associated with rafting. So be forthcoming with your outfitter, and be honest about your own ability level to help your guide and outfitter provide you and your group with the safest trip possible.

The Arkansas River Rafting season begins on May 1st, and typically runs through the end of October. For the biggest whitewater, May and June are the months to visit as Colorado river rafting is receiving its peak snow melt, the primary source of river water in the Rocky Mountain west. When the water levels are high the water tends to be swift and cold, the features are big and powerful, and the thrill of running big water is there! It just doesn't get any more exciting than that and the Colorado Whitewater Rafting is definitely exciting! If you're a warm weather, and warmer water kind of person, then July through September is the ideal time of year to go rafting. Not only are the temperatures nicer, the water levels, size and frequency of the features are generally more user friendly too. July through September are the best months for first-time rafters, or groups with kids to get out and try rafting.

Advanced reservations are highly recommended as all outfitters operate on a space available basis. This guarantees you'll get on the trip you want for Breckenridge rafting and Royal Gorge Rafting, at a time that complements your schedule. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get wet!

Guides are an important part of your trip for Whitewater Rafting in Colorado. Royal Gorge Rafting -Breckinridge Rafting, make up only part of the greatest whitewater rafting in Colorado being some of the best in the country overall.

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