Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to Prepare for your Breckenridge Rafting Trip

Here are some important tips when preparing for your breckenridge rafting trip. Remember because it can be such an intense sport, being prepared is key to ensuring a safe whitewater rafting experience.

Step 1

Plan early for your Breckenridge rafting trip. Make sure you have maps of your destination and know exactly where you'll enter and exit the river. You may not have transportation back to your vehicle after you exit the river, so plan ahead.

Step 2

Know the ratings on the rapids you'll encounter along your course. If any rapids are too difficult for your crew to negotiate, make sure there's a means of getting around them. Ask rangers in the area or call the phone numbers on your river map for information.

Step 3

Pack properly for your trip and make sure everyone going knows exactly what they'll need and what they won't. Make sure people don't bring a lot of excess baggage, since room in the raft will be limited.

Step 4

Explain to people coming that they'll need very little clothing: a set of clothes for the day and a warm, dry set for the night. Each person needs a sleeping bag, personal gear (sunglasses, camera, toothbrush, etc.), a flashlight and very little else.

Step 5

Make sure you have enough tent space for everyone. Having an over packed raft is dangerous and should not be tolerated. The weight and balance of a raft is very important when going down the river. Do not jam too many people into your raft while breckenridge rafting.

Step 6

Plan out meals: a simple, light breakfast; snacks for the daytime and a good, warm meal for the night. Make sure your camping stove is in working order and has plenty of fuel.

Step 7

Make sure your raft is in good working order and that it has a first aid kit, enough life vests, a repair kit, an emergency signaling kit, extra rope and enough working oars and paddles.

Step 8
Develop checklists you can use every trip and then add things you forget. Have a personal gear checklist and distribute it to every member to ensure they bring all they need.

Hopefully these 8 tips will help you prepare for your breckenridge rafting trip. Remember to make sure you have a blast on your rafting trip, always be prepared!

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