Monday, June 8, 2009

Whitewater Rafting - Thrills, Chills, and Affordable

By Jarrard Keenson

Doesn't matter if you are by yourself or if you have a large group of 200, finding an excursion that is enjoyable and affordable for everyone can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to plan a great trip in light of bankrupt airlines, high fuel prices, and increases in the day-to-day cost of living. Many citizens in the United States don't have quite the amazing opportunities that Californians do when it comes to getting out and doing something that is new, exciting, and affordable. This may be the reason why 36,500,000 citizens make California their residence.

Within only a day's drive from any of the beautiful borders of California is the graceful South Fork of the American River, a breathtaking 21-mile stretch of class III whitewater. Gold was discovered here, and it is the home of the great migration westward. Groups ranging in size from one to two hundred can come together for up to three days of fun, great food, and quiet nights around the bonfire.

Your choice of trip can be an all inclusive 3-day 2-night sleepover or a 1 day trip that gives you the freedom to hop on the river and raft for a few hours. During the three day trip, you can experience two different lengths of beautiful river and all your meals and travel are included.

Your daytime camping guide will often prepare and serve you a wonderful dinner if you are participating in an overnight trip. Evening chats around the campfire and sleeping in a tent under the clear starlit skies of the Sierra Nevada Foothills is what you can expect. When you wake your breakfast will be waiting on you, again prepared for you by our hospitable staff and, as with all our delicious meals, vegetarians and meat lovers alike will find an expansive choice at our impressive morning buffet.

Your trip leader will give you directions for your exciting day of whitewater rafting. As you float down the river, expect to see historical artifacts, animals, and plants you won't see anywhere else. You might even see some rare wildlife such as the river otter. You'll need to participate in some light rowing activity, paddling together with other crew members in order to navigate the river under the supervision of your guide. But being a body builder is not required.

The lovely American River South Fork has some of the most well known rapids in the world, including the Meat Grinder, Trouble Maker, and Satan's Cesspool and Hospital Bar. You can hang on during the big rapids and enjoy their power while having fun! If you choose a three-day adventure, you will spend the third day visiting the Middle Ford of the American, where there are larger Class IV rapids that require paddling.

You will want to prove to others that you survived the class IV rapids while whitewater rafting, so make certain that you go to the photo shop when you arrive back at base camp. You won't want your time to end, so you can spend your last minutes of this fantastic getaway with all your new-found friends, exchanging e-mails and promising to reunite next year. That's why this is the site of one of the most affordable, accessible, and exciting vacations you will ever experience.

As a father and scout leader, Jarrard Keenson is constantly trying to find fun, outdoor, family-friendly activities. The best summer activities he found is American river whitewater rafting, an over-night excursion that includes a whitewater rafting trip down the American river south fork. The American river whitewater rafting prices are reasonable and adventurous.

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