Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When Is The Best Time to Go River Rafting

We get asked quite frquentely, "when is the best time to go river rafting" and the answer to the question really depends on what kind of Colorado river rafting trip you are looking to go on.

Most river rafting trips run from early April to mid September and we consider these months to be the best. Typically April and early May water levels are lower and begin to rise into the middle of May.

As the water gets higher in volume typically from late May through June and into July the water gets swifter and rapids become larger creating some of the best whitewater in the world. In late July through August & September the air temperatures rise and the water slowly drops in volume usually ending its run off in the middle of September. All of these months provide an excellent opportunity to get into world class whitewater combined with some of the most amazing scenery seen on any river trip!

In the rare event that sections become un-runnable we will switch the location of the trip to a comparable section of whitewater. Earlier summer months tend to be in the 70s to 80s with occasional and often refreshing rain showers and later summer months can reach into the high 90s and are typically drier months.

So you can see it really depends what you are looking for in your river rafting trip. If you are looking for a nice calm ride with warmer temperatures the best time to go for you would be in August. If you don't care about weather you just want the wildest ride you can get, then we would say to go rafting late May or early June.

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